Application Management Systems

Application Management Systems Web application success story Garant The Additional Liability Company “Garant” is a major communication operator and provides for residents of Belarus the following services upon very attractive conditions – Internet and digital television. Key points At client’s request General Soft Ltd. offers

Admin panel

Admin Panel Development Web application success story Key points At client’s request General Soft Ltd. offers to work out the following issues Control PanelCreate control panel for administrator and supplier Manage remotelyand control the business process Price accountingKeeping records of special prices and discounts and

Medical Information system

Medical Information system Web application success story Project description Medical information system was modernized by our company. This project required special attention. The most important moments: - user-friendly interface, - quick search of required information; - maximal automation of medical institution personnel. Challenge: There was

Foxfishing CRM

Foxfishing CRM Web application success story Foxfishing Ltd. Foxfishing is one of the largest online shop in Eastern Europe that contains more than 15000 fishing goods and more than 5000 regular customers. Client base is constantly increasing and quantity of delivered goods exceeds 1000 units

Site for telecommunication company

Site for telecommunication company Web site success story Site for telecommunication company "Garant" It was necessary to modernize, improve and optimize the site belonging to Internet and TV provider The site was outdated, there was no user-friendly and up-to-date informationThe site was not adapted to

CRM “Payment orders”

CRM "Payment orders" Web application success story Challenge: It was needed for the client to update the program system. The main purpose - downloading and recognition rtf, doc files with payment orders and maintenance of received information in the database, automation of the process of

Booking information system

Booking information system Web application success story Booking Information system The leader of the Health center came to us because there were some problems with ticket accounting, customer monitoring (travel agency and legal persons) and an influx of visitors. Also it was necessary to develop

Printing company CRM

Printing company CRM Web application success story Project description Upon request of the leader of the Printing office, "General Soft" developed a professional web-application for storage, accounting, maintaining statistics of data on polygraphic materials. Two main tasks that needed to be solved: - materials accounting;

Billing system for digital TV

Billing system for digital TV Web application success story Project description The billing system was developed for a significant cable and digital operator. This company is engaged in installation of cabel and digital TV but also provides OTT services all over the world.  The client

Request management system

Request management system Web application success story Project description: Request management information system  for TV and Internet operator that was developed for "Garant" company.  It's the biggest cable operator in Vitebsk providing Internet services, cable and digital TV services to the inhabitants of the city.

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