Admin Panel Development

Web application success story

Key points

At client’s request General Soft Ltd. offers to work out the following issues

Control Panel

Create control panel for administrator and supplier

Manage remotely

and control the business process

Price accounting

Keeping records of special prices and discounts and determining popular products.


Implement newsletters via SMS and email

Full integration

CRM system should integrate with the Internet portal

Store Catalog

Create a convenient product catalog


We succeed to create 2 clear and convenient interfaces for the Administrator and the Supplier. This system has powerful functionality with simple controls and more than 200 functions that solve problems from product management to displaying static information on the Internet portal.


This module allows you to structure the nomenclature and manage a complete catalogue of products. In this section, the Store Administrator can create the necessary set of Products, which will later be displayed on the website and for which Suppliers will be able to set their prices.

Trade offers

Very often there is a situation when the price of the goods depends on its properties. In this case, it is convenient to use the module “Trade offers”. This module greatly facilitates the work of the Administrator, since it is not necessary to create product cards for each possible variation of product properties. It’s more expedient to have 1 product card and add your trade offers – models that differ in the set of properties.

Bulletin boards

This section is intended for moderation, publication on the Internet portal of any of the three types of ads. The ad comes from one single page of the designer, on which the User can choose the type of ad. Also provides a separate functionality for ads made on a fee basis.

Static pages

This module is oriented to display stylistic information on the Internet portal.

Roles and rights

Distributed access to elements of the system between staff members. Every worker, group, entities in the system has a well-defined role. Each role has certain access rights to elements of the system.

Broad search capabilities

The system features user-friendly search capabilities and filters that would allow for easy finding information on clients and request.

Supplier Orders

In addition, a visit log is implemented in which be kept data is stored: Event (Input or Output); Date; The IP address from which the login or logout was completed; data about the browser from which the operation was performed.


A flexible tool for designing mailings to the Clients of the system. The user can log into the system and independently configure the newsletter. The system sends E-Mail notifications to the provides when an important event (termination of a paid service package, changing of the provider’s status, etc.) occurs to remind about it.


Technologies and tools that we used on the project.

  • This system is easy to use and very functional, it greatly exceeds other similar products in terms of capacity, performance and cost. An excellent, user-friendly interface allowed to start operation within one week.

    Pavel Belenkiy Service engineer - Garant

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