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The Additional Liability Company “Garant” is a major communication operator and provides for residents of Belarus the following services upon very attractive conditions – Internet and digital television.

Key points

At client’s request General Soft Ltd. offers to work out the following issues

Optimize processes

by maximizing the processing of clients’ activity

Manage remotely

and control the business process

Analyze work

and monitor the workplan

Control and assess

the effectiveness and the quality of everyone’s work

Delegate tasks

and be assured in timely fulfilment

Full integration

CRM system should integrate with the Internet portal


A simple and intuitive web interface which allows to quickly make decisions and understand what is happening with the bids. The interface is based on the principle of powerful functionality under simple control.

Module bids

The list of bids is the main working page for support staff. For the client the main thing was that it had to be understandable, comfortable and functional. The list of bids is divided by status, and each employee can also select the bids related only to him. There is the ability to search by name or content of the bid. It is also possible to filter the bids by priority. Each employee or administrator can create the necessary bids selection filters.

Module bids

By default, tasks are displayed in a list and basic information about the bid is available: status, when the bid was accepted, type of failure, client’s address. Opening the bid, you can get detailed information about the client: data on the availability of additional services, the client’s call history. You can also follow the schedule of employment of the contractor.


In this section statistics on bids created over a period of time is displayed. A large list of filters for bid reports has been implemented, with which you can select various data for report generation. Then you can read the information received and print it. To this end, the Print Statistical Information function is implemented in the system. We have developed the most versatile form of printing, so that depending on the specified filter parameters, the appearance of this form looked in the same style.


Also an important feature is the ability of system users to communicate in chat format. The chat feature is available from all pages of the system. Chat is a list of messages from Users of the system. All Users of the system can write to the Chat. The following data is displayed for each message: Date and time of the message, User who sent the message, Message itself, Message color (This is necessary to assign a fault level: green, yellow, orange, red). All chat data is stored in the database, due to which you are able to view all chat messages for any date.

Roles and rights

Distributed access to elements of the system between staff members. Every worker, group, entities in the system has a well-defined role. Each role has certain access rights to elements of the system.

Broad search capabilities

The system features user-friendly search capabilities and filters that would allow for easy finding information on clients and request.

Visitors Log

Besides that, a Visit Log is implemented, in which the following data is stored: Event (Login or Logout); Date; The IP address from which the login or logout was completed; Data about the browser from which the operation was performed.


A flexible tool for constructing mailings to Clients. The user can log into the system and independently configure the newsletter – for example, about the fact that today consumer installation will take place or a specialist will come to fix the problem. For each mailing, you can customize the time, the dependence on system events, the message template, the criteria for selecting Clients. Mailings can be either one-time (for advertising mailing or other information) or periodic (to all customers at 10 am to send a notification of the planned bid).


Technologies and tools that we used on the project.

  • This system is easy to use and very functional, it greatly exceeds other similar products in terms of capacity, performance and cost. An excellent, user-friendly interface allowed to start operation within one week.

    Pavel Belenkiy Service engineer - Garant

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