Foxfishing CRM

Web application success story

Foxfishing Ltd.

Foxfishing is one of the largest online shop in Eastern Europe that contains more than 15000 fishing goods and more than 5000 regular customers. Client base is constantly increasing and quantity of delivered goods exceeds 1000 units per day.

Key points

At client’s request General Soft Ltd. offers to work out the following issues

Increase profits

by maximizing the processing of clients’ activity

Manage remotely

and control the business and finance

Control and assess

the effectiveness and the quality of everyone’s work

Predict sales

and monitor the workplan

Delegate tasks

and be assured in timely fulfilment

Full integration

CRM system should integrate with the Internet portal


We created a scalable system which allows our clients to bring in new buyers, increase the number of call-backs, coordinate the Department of Sales and Delivery, implement a quick search and analysis of required information about customers and orders.

Client base

Client base is consolidated, manager is well informed about clients and their preferences. Based on such information, he builds the strategy of cooperation.
Common database and history of your cooperation with it in conjunction with powerful analytical tools of CRM system allows to retain customers and bring in new clients.

Order management

One of the main functions of CRM system – help managers to organize transparent order management, optimize their work and eliminate all errors in working with clients. The system maintains dialogue history with clients that helps to analyze clients’ behaviour, create suitable offers, gain customers’ loyalty.

Order card

In the order card all information about the client, his contact details, information about the delivery of the order is displayed. A person responsible for order fulfillment is also assigned here. The discount and promotional code for each item in the order is applied here as well. From this card, you can print important documents, such as Consignment note, Act, Waybill, which allow you to perform all the workflow in one system while saving a large amount of time.

Directory Management

In this module of the CRM system, management of the catalog of all products takes place. This module of CRM system allows you to structure the item and manage the full catalog of the company’s goods. The catalog filling page is logical and functional for the administrator, which allows you to quickly fill in the catalog. CRM features provide management of markups and discounts for various sites, thereby increasing sales of the right products.

Procurement and Warehouse management

It was important to provide products and high quality services at competitive prices, constantly improve product lines. CRM system allows to record goods offered to our clients, structure the nomenclature and manage a full catalogue of goods and company services. Capacity of CRM provide record-keeping of special prices and discounts, the analysis of data and interlinkages for offering an optimal package of services. Also the database of CRM system is synchronized with the site that allows to show clients up-to-date information on product availability.

Broad search capabilities

The system features user-friendly search capabilities that would allow for easy finding information on clients and orders.


It’s possible to assess the effectiveness, predict profits, identify problematic areas based on analytical reports.

The report contains detailed information on managers’ efficiency, logistics specialists, couriers. Financial report allows to see information on revenue growth. Report on orders reflects the efficiency of the company and identify problematic area.


Tasks can be created with just one click through the module. It’s just necessary to check the result further. For convenience and clarification of each task we added a chat.

Roles and rights

Distributed access to elements of the system between staff members. Every worker, group, entities in the system has a well-defined role (Admin, Senior manager, Manager, Courier). Each role has certain access rights to elements of the system.


Technologies and tools that we used on the project.

  • Through the CRM system, developed by General Soft, things put back the way they were supposed to be. User-friendly and intuitive interface. It works everywhere with an internet connection. Also it’s a useful tool for us that allows to make important decisions for business and increase profits!

    Alexander Afanasyev CEO - Foxfishing Ltd

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