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Web application success story

Project description

Upon request of the leader of the Printing office, “General Soft” developed a professional web-application for storage, accounting, maintaining statistics of data on polygraphic materials.

Two main tasks that needed to be solved:

– materials accounting;

– maintaining statistics on staff and employment management.

Many consumable items from producers as different paper weight, colours, laminating films, binding and calendar springs, grommets, covers and other materials, complicated monitoring of expenditures. Lack of an integrated electronic system leads to the following problems:

– The difficulty of predicting the profit;

– The expenditure on purchasing of new equipment;

– Most of the materials went into defective;

– Staff used materials for private purposes;

– Lack of required materials at the time of urgent orders;

– Delay in the implementation of the work;

– Inadequate planning of the working process on the basis of false intel.


By the analysis of the activities of the polygraphic studio our specialists designed convenient for monitoring system. Its functionality allows to get information on product accounting since its arrival to the storage until it was used up for orders of  individuals and legal entities.

The following main modules were developed in the process of building:

  1. Storage. It was developed with the aim to control arrival products. It displays invoices, goods, quantity of goods.
  2. Write-off of items. In this module write-off of materials is taken into account on some concrete needs. All the settings are performed by the System Admin.
  3. Statistics. This part of the project displays information that allows to track intended expenditures for a concrete period of time. Based on this data it’s possible to plan procurements of goods and also to track the quantity of materials that went into defective.


Implemented system proved the high efficiency and let company management get a complete picture of goods expenditures in the Printing office. Streamlined reporting makes  it possible to identify staff who produced defective things because of lack of qualification or negligence. Additional training was given to such workers that resulted in higher profits in the long term.

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